AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair) Review

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AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair)

AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair)

Brand : AA
Ratings Products : 3.2

If you are looking for a good products that lets you professionally improve your life quality, the AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair) may be what you are looking for. It is a recommended item, but its numerous features make AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair) more than that.

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AA Fully Magnetic ‘L’ Plates These Learner plates comply to the department of transport regulations and are simple to fit and remove. With a complete magnetic backing these ‘L’ Plates simply peel off and stick on as required, great if your learning in someone elses car. These plates wont damage your vehicle as long as you stick to the good practise of cleaning both your car and ‘L’ plates each week. Please note these are the more deluxe fully magnetic ‘L’ Plates.

AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair) Features:

  • Pack of 2
  • Fully Magnetic
  • Easy to fix to vehicle
  • Easy to remove from Vehicle
  • Re-usable

AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair) Reviews Products :

Falsely advertised

Do not buy this product if you want fully magnetic and genuine AA brand learner plates, these have only a thin strip of magnet on the top and bottom and are ‘roadmax’ branded, whatever they are made of is very flimsy and feel as though they were made from the front cover of a paperback book, edit : they actually blew away the first time I used them, front and back

They Do The Job

I bought this for my wife as she is currently learning to drive. They do the job that they are meant to do by informing other drives that this drive is a learner. Being fully magnetic, you know the front one is not going to get blown away when you start picking up some speed on a windy day.


Only has 2 tiny strips of magnets will fly off your car, and not AA approved, the actual packet was a random brand.

AA L Plates Magnetic (1 Pair)

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