Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] – Body Only On Sale

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Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] – Body Only

Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] - Body Only

Brand : Canon
Ratings Products : 4.9

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Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] – Body Only Descriptions:

Very good condition Canon EOS 300D digital SLR camera. All fully tested and working perfectly. This is a used camera and as such, will show some signs of use. I have uploaded images so you can see the condition for yourself. It consists of slight wear to hand grip and some light scratches to the top of the camera which is to be expected. I have included a Battery, small memory card but NO charger. These can be bought online for just a few quid so I have reflected this is the price. No other accessories are included. Just the camera itself and what I have just stated.

Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] – Body Only Features:

  • 6.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 7-point wide-area AF
  • High-performance DIGIC processor
  • 100-1600 ISO speed range
  • Compatible with all Canon EF lenses and EX Speedlites
  • PictBridge, Canon Direct Print and Bubble Jet Direct compatible no PC required

Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] – Body Only Reviews Products :

Superb, brilliant, fantastic, almost faultless
I spent a long time waiting for the digital camera that met my needs – something to go alongside my Canon EOS film set-up but digital. I was actually about to buy the Canon 10D but then heard the 300D was about to be released and I was pretty much sold on the latter. When I first saw it, I was completely sold (in part because many of the reviews I’d seen were not quite as accurate as I’d thought).
So what’s so great about it? Well, any user of a Canon EOS camera will have no trouble getting used to it as it uses the standard sort of controls and interfaces common to Canon for so long, and allows you to use any lenses or gadgets you’ve bought already (eg. Remote photo release button). It’s also an excellent purchase for anyone new to photography – like all EOS cameras, there are a combination of manual modes where you control what’s going on and more automated modes allowing you to get great photos quickly. With this combination…

Unbelievable value, but…
Unless you are a more advanced or professional photographer needing the few extra features or specific strengths that higher models offer, you will appreciate the control and yet ease of use that the 300D offers, not to mention the price tag…
Unless you already have a collection of Canon lenses going down to at least 18mm, I would recommend going for the lens package as the 1.6x multiplier means that you will need an (expensive!) 18mm lens to go down to a general-use 28mm focal length, 35mm equivalent. In addition to being a good-quality lens in its own right, the EF-S is lightweight, compact and a great value general-use lens for the little bit extra you pay. Look forward to more of the lightweight EF-S lenses in the future (although they will be incompatible with you 35mm bodies).
In addition, you will also want at least a 256mb CF card (preferably 512mb or 1gb if you plan to do a lot of shooting), a good UV filter per lens to protect the front element, a second battery,…

EOS 300D – good replacement for 35 mm film.
I bought a Fuji 602 pro zoom to replace a Nikon 35 mm film camera and was very pleased with picture quality but very dissapointed that taking action shots with the fuji was pretty much impossible as it was so slow to take a picture once the button was pressed. I then bought a 300D and so far I have been very pleased with the results.
Anyone used to a film SLR will be able to master it pretty quickly and might not even need to read the instructions, I
didnt. I bought a 28-300 Sigma lense and a 500 MB card to go with the camera and on the highest picture quality setting this gives 114 or so pictures. You get good life too from the re chargeable battery. Action shots are now no problem at all
although macro shots are not as easy as with the fuji and the fuji probably shades the 300D on detail and colour sharpness.
Overall I think the 300D is well worth the extra cost over a more compact digital camera due to the flexibility offered
( lense changing, good manual…

Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera [6MP] - Body Only