Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200) Info’s

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Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200)

Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200)

Brand : Brinno
Ratings Products : 5.0

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Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200) Descriptions:

Brinno BCC200, the higher-end construction camera bundle with 80-day battery life, is powered by a HDR-sensor and special night-modes perfect use for documenting construction projects, analyzing environmental changes, and an amazing variety of other long-term outdoor photographic tasks. BCC200 delivers the exceptional time-lapse videos even under the most challenging backlights and/or dark conditions. The new Industrial-Grade Aeronautical Aluminum alloy clampod’s great load capacity increases its convenience for operation. The BCC200 camera runs on four included AA batteries. At a time-lapse interval of 2 seconds (with the scene setting set to “daylight”), the batteries will last for 240,000 images to be captured, which would be about 5 days. If you set the interval to 5 minutes, the batteries will last for 40 days. In this case, the result will be 12 images captured every hour, totaling to 288 per day, and 11,520 for the 40 days. At the common playback rate of 30 fps, you can watch the entire 40 day recording in 384 seconds, which is just over six minutes. But you can set time intervals to anywhere between 1 second and 24 hours. There’s also an ASAP mode that captures 3-5 images every second. You can also use the timer function, which allows you to program the camera to shut off and wake up at designated times. .

Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200) Features:

  • HDR Video Sensor, Long term project time lapse video
  • Produces instant read-to-watch time lapse video, 2.5 months of battery life (using a time interval of 30 minutes, 4 AA batteries)
  • Wide Angle 112˚ field of View
  • Industrial-Grade Aeronautical Camera Clamp pod is small and portable while still maintains a great clamping power with great load capacity up to 40kgs increases its convenience for achieving the desired shooting angle at the construction and/or job sites.
  • Package contents included HDR Timelapse Camera TLC200PRO, weather resistance housing, Industrial-Grade Aeronautical Camera Clamp, Bungee cords, 8GB memories and batteries.

Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200) Reviews Products :

Five Stars

Works a treat. Dedicated site camera. Built for the job.

Works very well. Slightly limited on field of view …

Works very well. Slightly limited on field of view, can frost up at times. However, simple to setup and use. Batteries appear to last forever!

Brinno HDR Construction Camera (BCC200)

Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD ) SALE

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Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD )

Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD )

Brand : Brinno
Ratings Products : 4.4

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Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD ) Descriptions:

The Brinno TLC200 HDR PRO is the worlds first HDR time lapse video camera. Brinno TLC200 Pro built with high performance HDR image sensor, so you can take beautiful time lapse video even against strong light! Shockingly simple awesome HDR Time Lapse videos at the push of a button!

Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD ) Features:

  • With Brinno Instant Video technology, once your video is shot, it’s actually a Time Lapse video and not a series of JPEGs. No stitching, no converting!
  • Brinno TLC200 Pro built with high performance HDR image sensor
  • Range allows you take beautiful time lapse video even against strong light!
  • Ultra-High Pixel Size 4.2 micron allows you take clear time lapse video even in a low light environment!
  • Ultra high dynamic range 115dB. Kit includes 4GB memory card and batteries

Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD ) Reviews Products :

A really excellent little time lapse camera
I had experimented with time lapse photography using a high quality Nikon camera and been very pleased with the results, but to film say over a day and end up with a reasonably smooth video, you might need to take a picture every 30 – 60 seconds which means a heck of a lot of wear on the shutter (around 130 time lapse films of this duration would totally use up the rated lifetime of a Nikon shutter mechanism!) plus you would have to change the camera battery at least once during the day.

Knowing I wanted to take quite a lot of TL films (for example to catch a gathering storm I might need to leave the camera running for several days), I looked around to see if there was a dedicated camera for the task and happened on the Brinno that has been well reviewed elsewhere. I ordered with a little trepidation – the camera might turn out to be small, flimsy and generally naff, but I took the plunge and have not regretted it for a moment!

My initial…

Brilliant but don’t expect Television HD quality.
After it finally arrived (Amazon turned next day delivery into 6 days!) I was really impressed with it.
Its not a cheap solution to getting time lapse images of something, but it does it really well.
Don’t expect television HD quality, however. The images are good quality though.
I wanted to use it for a building project and for that it works great.
I set it to take images every 5 minutes from 7.30am to 7.30pm every day at 20 frames per second, which gave a good short film, showing 7 seconds for every day. Batteries seem to last for ever!
The clear weather cover is essential, but invest in a bottle of Rain-X For Plastic and coat the case lens (not the camera lens).
If you don’t do this, rain drops sit on the lens for hours after it’s stopped raining! This messes up your images, but with the coating they just roll off leaving the lens cover clear. Voila!
Another thing? There is a little space in the top of the enclosure, so squeeze a small sachet of…

Overall looks like a nice toy if you are patient enough to master it’s focusing.
I just got this new toy a couple of hours ago, so i’d like to share some fresh impressions:

1. although it arrived into an open, damaged and wet (!) cardbox, the camera itself was dry and ok. (C’mon, Amazon, open wet boxes?? Really?)
2. camera’s menu is basic and somehow confusing, but you don’t have to deal with it too often. Most of the times you just have to press the start button.
3. the focus of the included lens is a pain the ass. For focusing you have to find in menu an entry named ‘focus’ which is practically a digital zoom, then to unscrew a screw in the lens, then manually guess a focus position (it’s really guessing) then screw the lens back. After a little trial-and-error it works. Forget the ‘point-and-shoot’. To focus with this camera takes patience, experience, good nerves, space and hard work. Really.
4. with the setting "ASAP" you can get almost a normal speed video. With some bad frames though, maybe the included SD card is too slow…

Brinno TLC 200 PRO ( 1.3 MP,1.4 -inch LCD )