WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage) SALE

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WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage)

WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage)

Brand : UCam247
Ratings Products : 4.4

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WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage) Descriptions:

A tiny, lightweight, always-on wearable body camera designed for capturing life on the go. Record instances like a wedding, birthday or holiday hands-free. Perfect for grabbing unexpected events too with no need to fumble around for your phone. One click instantly snaps a picture or just press to grab a video in glorious HD. An ultra compact design means you just clip-on, tap and snap!

Unlike a digital camera or mobile phone the WearCam has no viewfinder, meaning no time is wasted taking eyes off the action. With a wide angle, infinity focus lens affixed crystal clear images and video are at its heart. Document moments on-the-fly, whenever or wherever they occur. Record, replay and share with friends and family easily.

The shape and size of a macaroon, with a diameter of only 4.5cm and weighing in at just 26g, the WearCam is as uncomplicated to wear as it is to use. Notably it takes 5 megapixel photos and offers 720p HD video recording, the latter up to 2 hours in a continuous stretch on a single charge, and supports micro SD cards up to 32GB in size.

Instant video recording of events that happen right in front of you, all hands free

Key Features:
*5 megapixel photos
*720p HD Video (1280 x 720)
*One click operation
*Just 4.5cm in diamter
*Weighs only 26 grams
*85 degrees field of view
*Takes up to 32GB Micro SD cards (Card not included)
*Always On – Battery standy of 7 days
*Up to 3000 photos on one charge
*Time lapse mode
*2 Hrs continuous video recording on a single charge
*HQ Omnidirectional Mic
*-10 to +35 degree temp operation
*USB 2.0 for data transfer and charging

What’s included:

Wearcam, Splashproof Sleeve, Neck Strap, Micro USB cable, User Guide

Check out the WearCam website for more info and a demo video

WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage) Features:

  • Mini Wearable Clip-on HD Lifestyle Action Camera with built-in rechargeable battery. 7 Days standby.
  • 5 megapixel photos and 720p HD video. Weighs just 26g and only 4.5cm in diameter.
  • One click point and shoot operation. Accepts micro SD cards up to 32GB in size (not included).
  • Rotatable clip for attaching to all types of clothing giving better flexibility to wear as you need.
  • USB 2.0 connection for quick viewing and transfer of recordings to Windows and Mac computers.

WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage) Reviews Products :

Simple and quick photos, videos and time lapse any time. Solid and lightweight camera. Good buy.
Great little camera.
Simple to take a photo without needing to worry about turning it on first or even looking at what you’re doing.
Tiny and super lightweight.
Seems reasonably solidly built.
I bought for taking photos while walking to make a record of my hikes and also for time lapse movies while volunteering with FoodCycle.
Like the rubber housing attached to the lanyard making it reasonably protected in your pocket at all times.
Photos and videos are reasonable and more than adequate for the kind of uses this is made for.
For £40 it does everything I’d expect of it and fills a gap in the market.

I had a slight problem to start with getting the date and time stamp to work, but support responded to my email within 30 minutes and had it sussed quickly. It was more down to user error than anything else.

I’ve used all features over the last couple of days and am happy. Time lapse feature produces individual photos, rather than a…

Great product

I used to use a gopro everyday on my commute to work on my motorbike, footage was obviously very good but the camera was too bulky. Since i only wanted a camera for safety in case of a collision I didn’t need the best quality footage and I wanted something smaller so the wearcam was perfect. for the price you pay this camera is amazing, it’s tiny light and the battery lasts longer than that of a gopro hero 3+. The video quality is not anywhere near as good as that of a gopro so do not expect it to be amazing, remember that it is dead cheap.

Highly recommended good value for money

A nice small basic discrete camera however I tried the camera with the Lanyard and the picture was so shaky and distorted I would recommend not to use the lanyard When walking. Other than this this I would strongly recommend. I solely I bought this camera Due to aI few incidents of antisocial behaviour towards Myself absolutely ideal for this type of thing discreet and covert. Picture quality spot on fantastic.

WearCam Mini Wearable HD Video Camera (Camouflage)