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Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Brand : Snapchat
Ratings Products : 5.0

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Spectacles are the most fun way to make memories, and then relive them later! In short, Specs are sunglasses that Snap! – allowing you to capture life from your perspective. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, Specs make it easy to capture the moment without interrupting what you’re doing. Spectacles are designed to work with Snapchat and only Snapchat.

Spectacles by Snap Inc. Features:

  • Capture the Moment: Spectacles are sunglasses that Snap! Record from your perspective with the press of a button.
  • Up to 30 Seconds: Spectacles capture video, moment-by-moment. Record for 10, 20, or 30 seconds at a time!
  • Record in HD: Connect to Spectacles over Wi-Fi to import your Snaps in HD. You can send them on Snapchat, or export them to another app or your device’s camera roll!
  • On-The-Go Charging: Spectacles can capture up to 100 Snaps on one charge. Power them back up in their charging case, which can hold up to 4 full charges at a time!
  • The Full Package: You’ll receive a new pair of Spectacles, a charging case, a charging cable, a cleaning cloth, a quick start guide, and info about your 1-year warranty!

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Five Stars


Coolest tech for a regular snapchatter
I contemplated ordering these directly from Snapchat Inc. website however the delivery times looked slow. Amazon delivered it the next day as usual.
Firstly, these glasses are uniquely cool. They are stylish to wear just as sunglasses and the lens are the perfect shade to protect your eyes from the sun. The fit is very good, just as comfy as Oakley’s, Raybans etc.

Onto footage: in daylight the quality is seriously good. I love the 180 degree angle. One thing everyone notices is when you post a story, you and everyone else can view it in both portrait and landscape, something unique that confirms the person has recorded via spectacles. It also says in the top left ‘Posted from Spectacles’. Footage quality at night reminds me of the old iPhone 4 camera, noticeably poorer however somewhat not an issue for me.

Battery life is good. The truth is its unlikely you will be recording loads and loads of footage in one go. The most battery i consumed was 50% before…

Absolutely Amazing! – With Or Without Snapchat.

Spectacles by Snap Inc.